Online Info-session – Women only!

All English-speaking women, especially with Duldung are welcome to join!
Datum und Uhrzeit

digital meeting
Moserstraße 10
70182 Stuttgart

Points of Discussion:

  • What is with the Giant cone (Schultüte)
  • Structure of German School System
  • At what age is it compulsory for your child to attend school?
  • Do you know the difference between ”Gymnasium” and “Gesamtschule”?  
  • Types of schools in Germany
  • What role does your child`s school attendance play in obtaining your residence permit?

During our discussions we will be able to talk about the different aspects of the Germany school system starting with first day essentials and the school day duration.
Furthermore we will tell you about the Marking system, and why primary school is important for your child`s education and future in Germany.

Which Foreign languages are taught in German schools plus the different schools eg. Traditional, Private and Special schools?

We will discuss the connection of residence permits and your child`s attence at school.
What other perspectives do you have if you want to change from one school system to the other?

We will be able to also allocate some time for questions.


We welcome your questions and experiences! J

No registration is necessary !


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