Hearing: Labour Exploitation in Europe

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Do we keep our eyes shut? June 7-9th 2013, at Evangelische Akademie Bad Boll, Germany

About 60 participants, among them a majority of experts coming from more than 13 different countries and from state and non-governmental organizations, discussed the challenge of human trafficking, forced labour and labour exploitation in Europe.



Among the guest-speakers was the German director of ILO, Sabine Baun, the CEO of KOK Germany, Naile Tanis, and Michael Quinn from the Anti-trafficking department at the Justice Ministry in Ireland. Counsellors from Germany and Romania presented their experiences in counselling (potential) victims and in prevention, and many other experts and counsellors brought in their expertise.

The profound speeches and presentations led into deep exchange and discussions. All participants had one consent that for combating THB several aspects are indispensable:

  • a national coordination in each country (the representatives of Poland and Romania proved how well this works in their countries, whereas the German participants emphasized the lack of it in Germany),
  • interdisciplinary networks on all levels and also international,
  • awareness raising in society and politics,
  • grant better protection for victims, especially through financing of counselling centres,
  • and an effort of governments to give victims better access to legal ways of claiming their rights.

The conference helped to broaden our interdisciplinary and international network between public and civil society. The multilingual booklet promoting best practice in prevention, identification and assisting victims of trafficking for labour exploitation was distributed to the participants.

The “Alliance for Fair Labour Migration Baden-Württemberg” was presented, which is a direct outcome of the EU-project. The alliance brings together different partners and organizations to fight against Human Trafficking on a regional area and will guarantee the continuity of the EU project in the South-West of Germany.