Fraueninformationszentrum – FIZ

In our consultation centre FIZ we give advice and support to migrant women, victims of human trafficking and victims of labour exploitation.

We offer individual consultation and support to migrant women in a crisis or in need of help due to their situation of migration, human trafficking or labour exploitation. If you are involved in criminal proceedings we offer you psychosocial support.

Our consultation is free and can take place in different languages in a safe space. We speak German, English, French, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Thai, Tigrinya and Romanian. It is necessary to call or visit us so that we can make an appointment for the consultation. 

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Interview im KiP-Radio mit einer FiZ-Aktivistin

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We are supported by

Aktion Mensch, Albert-Maier-Stiftung, BAMF, Diözese Rottenburg-Stuttgart, Diakonisches Werk Württemberg, ESF-Europäischer Sozialfonds, EU-Programme (ISFP, Justice Programme), Evangelische Landeskirche Württemberg, Land Baden-Württemberg (Sozial- und Integrationsministerium, Wirtschaftsministerium), Stadt Stuttgart, Weltgebetstag der Frauen.

Wir sind auf Spenden angewiesen, um die Arbeit für Frauen in Not- und Krisensituationen zu finanzieren!