Consultation for victims of human trafficking


Consultation for victims of human trafficking

Human trafficking is defined as the recruitment, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons by means of fraud, threat or use of force for the purpose of exploitation. Exploitation can have many different forms, e.g. sexual exploitation, labour exploitation or others. We offer consultation for victims of trafficking of any nationality - Germans, EU citizens, third country nationals and women in the asylum process.

What we offer you:

Psychosocial consultation and support,  sheltered housing if needed. Advice about criminal charges and legal proceedings, assistance in claiming your victims` rights, psychosocial support in a criminal trial.

We give you support and encouragement to develop new perspectives in your life. If needed, we can assist you in returning to your home country (repatriation help).

If you are a woman in the asylum process we give advice and support during the process and provide written statements for the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) or for administrative courts.

Contact: 0711/ 23941-24

Consultation in English, Spanish or Thai can take place with one of our team members. As for other languages we call in female interpreters. 

Further help and information for victims of human trafficking and for women who have been forced into prostitution, especially where violence or exploitation is involved:

Specialized consultation services for victims of human trafficking in Baden-Wuerttemberg:

Further specialised consultation services for victims of human trafficking throughout Germany:

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